Fall 2020 Recruitment Timeline


Application Deadline

11:59PM PST | 180dcberkeley.com/apply

Our application consists of a resume and short answer questions.


Round 1 Interviews

Scheduled Individually | Zoom  

For applicants chosen to advance past applications, this will consist of a group case interview to assess creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.


Meet and Greet

6-8PM PT | Zoom  

This fun virtual social will allow final round candidates and our members get to know each other better.


Round 2 Interviews

Scheduled Individually  | Zoom  

For applicants who advance past our first round, this will be an individual interview to assess professional and social fit.


Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting

Invite Only

8/17 - 9/4

Coffee Chats

Sign Up | Zoom

Sign up to get to know our members one-on-one in an informal virtual setting. 

8/26 - 9/4


4-6PM PST, 4-5AM PST | Zoom

Drop-in to our virtual office hours to meet our members and ask questions.


Infosession #1

7-9PM PST | Zoom

Come to our infosession to learn more about our club and talk to our members.



Infosession #2

6-8PM PST | Zoom 

Come to our infosession to learn more about our club and talk to our members.


Case Workshop

7-9PM PST  | Zoom  

Join our case workshop to learn how to succeed in our case interview process.


180 Degrees Consulting is a selective undergraduate organization whose membership is sought after by students at top universities across the world. At UC Berkeley, our branch comprises students of varied majors, class years, and backgrounds who have demonstrated a passion for social issues and a willingness to learn.

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Our team is seeking analytical, creative, and social impact oriented students from all backgrounds, majors, and years to join our team this Fall. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Recruitment Amy Wang amy1009@berkeley.edu. 

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