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180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest student consultancy. With 200+ branches around the world, we further social good by strategizing innovative solutions for the social sector.


At Berkeley, our branch keeps social impact at the forefront of our work, engaging with non-profits, social enterprises, and the corporate social responsibility divisions of for-profit enterprises. Although each of our members come from different personal backgrounds, and have unique career aspirations and academic interests, we are ultimately driven by our common goal of building a more compassionate, equitable world, one project at a time.




Sneha Mathew &  Armaan Ismail, Spring 2022 Presidents

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We are delighted to welcome you to 180 Degrees Consulting at UC Berkeley. Whether you are a student considering to join our organization, a potential client interested in our services, or a prospective partner, we want to thank you for visiting our website.


The both of us have had the opportunity to journey with 180 Degrees Consulting for the last 3 years. While Berkeley has many consulting clubs, we found that 180 Degrees Consulting exuded passion for causes that resonated deeply with us and were centered on the shared commitment we have to improve our community.


Although our organization often prides itself in the breadth of our services and expertise, our most valuable asset is certainly our people. Entering a university as vast as Berkeley, we sought out a community that would give us a sense of belonging and purpose on such a large campus. In our search, we were welcomed at 180DC with some of the warmest, most confident, and kindest individuals. These individuals would soon become our family at Cal - guiding us to be better thinkers, leaders, teammates, and people.


Our experiences as members of 180 Degrees Consulting, each unique in their own way, have been extremely rewarding and we are so excited to share our community with you.


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