​​Here at 180 Degrees Consulting, we are committed to providing affordable consulting services to the social sector and developing the next generation of social impact leaders. In line with UC Berkeley’s legacy of leading social change, our teams work passionately and diligently to develop practical solutions that increase our clients’ capacity to do good in the world.


Create social impact

Grow our intellectual vitality 

Take care of one another

Build a more sustainable &  equitable world


Between caffeine-fueled work meetings and picnics on the Glade, 180DC is a tight-knit community of undergraduates united by ambition, passion, and hope. Cherishing our varied backgrounds, interests, and worldviews, we find strength in the diversity of our opinions and skill sets and are always there to celebrate each others’ success.


The nature of our work and our extensive global network prepares our members to pursue meaningful careers in the world of consulting and beyond.


Mallika Luthar, Class of 2022

180 Degrees Consulting has shown me how vital non-profits are to a well-functioning society—the work of such organizations highlights policy inadequacies and push the needle forward to create change. I couldn't be more proud to be part of an organization that works so hard to ensure the success and longevity of the non-profit sector.

Emeri Zhang, Class of 2020

One unique advantage in being a member of an international consulting organization lies in the programs and benefits the overarching institution provides. As an 180 Impact Fellow, I had the opportunity to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, where I worked from different accelerators and incubators, providing strategy on user acquisition and monetization of current infrastructure for a social enterprise that connects 350+ investment ready startups with angel, seed, and venture capital funding across 29+ countries.

Nicole Huang, Class of 2020

180DC is more than just buzzwords like “social impact” or “nonprofit consulting”— it's a club dedicated to helping people. Whether we’re watching (and translating) a team member’s Chinese acapella concert or practicing our presentation together, 180DC has helped me find a diverse community who serve as both my professional mentors and my supportive friends. Without them, my experience at Berkeley truly wouldn’t have been the same.

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